Homeless boy, 8, turns snack money into small business - then buys family a home

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

Starting a small business during the pandemic would be tough going for even the most seasoned of entrepreneurs - let alone an eight-year-old boy.

But Aaron Moreno, from Los Angeles, has not only started a business, he's managed to turn $12 into $37,000.

The kid-preneur started his plant business 'Aarons garden' after his single mum lost her job and he and his two sisters moved into a shed when they could not afford more permanent accommodation.

According to Today Parents, the family had to shower outside and use the bathroom in a nearby restaurant.

"We didn't have any other options," mum Berenice Pacheco, 30, told Today Parents.

"As a mother it broke my heart. I felt like I was failing my kids,"

But one of the hardest parts for the youngster was having enough money for a treat. After his mum heard one too many pleas for his favourite snack - hot cheetos topped with melted cheese, she joked he should start his own business.

Taking the challenge seriously, he took the $12 she gave him - her last, and started up the mini-nursery in March, starting with just eight succulents.


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He reinvested the profits from each sale back into the business until he had a few hundred saved. After making an Instagram page for the business, he notched up more than 22,000 followers and a GoFundMe page was established for the family, which has now raised more than $37,000. 

The family have now moved into a one-bedroom apartment, where the kids can do their homework and they have their own kitchen and bathroom. 

But it's not the enterprising young man's only goal, with Aaron also harbouring aspirations to become a shoe designer and a judge. 

"It was all a process my business slowed a little but my vision is my own shop because thats my plan - to hire my own mum and be her own boss. So that she can bring my baby sister and not struggle with documents," he wrote on Instagram. 

"My next job after having my own plant shop will be working for nike and making my own shoes and then I plan to go to the univeristy so I can become a judge."


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