Man roasted after suggesting children should be banned from supermarket trolleys: 'approach the culprits'

Picture: Getty Images
Picture: Getty Images 

A very brave man has suggested children should be banned from using supermarket trolleys.

Unsurprisingly, the internet had words for him.

Taking to the Facebook group 'Overheard in Aldi', the man suggested that children should not sit 'where the food should go' and went as far as to say staff should tell off the parents. 

"Kids inside trolleys where food has to go really annoys the hell out of me," he wrote, "Anyone else think stores should ban this practice and approach the culprits."

Presumably his gripe was that it was unhygienic for little people to be sitting/touching surfaces where the next customer's food would go. 

However as many were quick to point out, children were not the worst thing in terms of germ carriers that communal trolleys came into contact with.

The post has so far racked up more than 1,900 comments - the majority from parents admonishing the man for his 'pettiness' and reminding him the alternative would be unruly kids running free among the aisles. 

"My kids spent a lot of time inside the trolley, far better than having them running off, putting themselves in danger or causing an accident. It's in the store's best interest for kids to be in the trolley or the trolley seat," wrote one measured parent.

"Right, you'd rather tired toddlers were running round screaming and getting under everyone's feet. Get over yourself and stay out of other people's parenting," added another.


"I challenge you to try doing a shop with a naughty toddler or kid. I bet you were put in a trolley once, it's the circle of life," one frustrated mum wrote. 

Others said this was another example of childless people complaining about kids merely existing. 

"You know what annoys me, people who complain about kids. As a mum of three I have to sometimes take all three of them with me. Kids make noise, kids like to have fun, laugh at loud etc etc. The looks some people give. It's so hurtful!!," they wrote. 

"Said a man without any experience of actually shopping with kids!," one said.

"I speak on behalf of all parents of young children, None of us want to take any of our little sprogs with us in the first place, some of us have no choice! Shopping without children is a luxurious holiday that is a very rare occasion," one mum argued.

"If I wanna put my child in the trolley (clean) in order to have a quiet shop, you bet your a** I will."

While another questioned how this was even an issue. 

"I get worked up about lots of petty stuff but I can't say I've ever been able to get worked up about this."

It was also pointed out that kids may even be doing him a favour. 

"A child in it may knock some of the crud off of the bottom thereby making it more hygienic... you're welcome," joked one.

"I hate to break it to you but trolleys are left outside at night, I imagine much worse crawl all over them then."