Mum's simple $4 hack for cleaning sand off little ones at the beach: 'No. 1 thing to take'

Picture: TikTok
Picture: TikTok 

Lockdowns have many of us dreaming of careless beach days. 

But one thing we'll likely be overlooking is just how much sand our little people can take home with them. 

Thanks to one mum's hack, we could bring the next adventure closer to how we've been envisaging it - and all it takes it a $4 product found in most supermarkets. 

TikTok mum @goldilocks.bears.x posted the summer hack, showing how a little baby talcum powder can work wonders in cleaning the pesky sand off tiny hands. 

"Anyone off to the beach soon? No. 1 thing to take is baby powder!!," she captions the clip. "Sand is usually super hard to get off your hands and feet, but with a little talc it comes right off. Ta-da!"

As she demonstrates, after rubbing a little powder into her son's hand, it's magically clean again. 

"Love this, thanks for sharing!", said one mum. "Cleaning hacks!," agreed another. 

"I love how people are only just finding this out, been doing this for years," argued one.  


Others however argued talcum powder was best avoided for kids, given the product's controversial history, with one mum suggesting corn flour could be a safer alternative. 

It's not the only hack the military mum to two boys has shared. In a recent clip, she also posted an idea that could save a lot of tears come summer.

"Sun cream hack for parents … use a makeup brush to reduce the hate from your littles," she says in the clip, showing herself applying sunscreen to her eldest son - protest free. "Makes it easier to get round ears too," she added.