Parents confused when son's hair grows random dark patch: 'No birthmark'

Photo: Reddit
Photo: Reddit 

Parents of a young boy are scratching their heads over their son's unusual hair colour - the boy has white blonde hair with a random dark patch on the side of his head.

Posting a picture of his son to Reddit, the confused dad said they had no idea why there is a random patch of darker hair on their son's head.

"My son was born with a black spot of hair in his blonde hair," he wrote in the post. "It grows in black, and there is no birthmark or discolouration under it."

"People ask is ALL the time if we dye that part of his hair. Like no why tf would we dye one spot on his head?"

Redditers were quick to assure the dad his son was not the alone when it comes to patches of different colour hair.

"I actually have a grey spot in my hair that is similar. No discoloration on my scalp, just a spot that grows a different colour," one person said. "Your son can look forward to every single barber he ever has commenting on it."

Others offered scientific reasons about how genetics and the part they play in hair colour.

"It's a rather common mutation. Back in school my Biology teacher told us about it because he had it on his lashes and another student had it in his hair," added another.


Other users preferred to ignore scientific explanations, diving straight into some supernatural and cloning theories.

"Must be a letdown to only have eyebrow discoloration as your mutant power when the other X-Men were gifted with super-strength, invincibility, flight, adamantium claws, and laser beam eyes," joked one Redditer.

"To identify him from his duplicates," declared another, with the dad replying: "Maybe he IS THE DUPLICATE."

One Redditer had an interesting theory about how the dad should proceed.

"That child is a protagonist. Be careful not to be part of their tragic back story," they advised.

"Oh God I'm his father. I'm the first to go," the dad hilariously replied. "My death will send him down the path of blood and glory."