Parents of seven hit back at people telling them they have too many kids: 'Mind yo business'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

When it comes to how many kids you have, it can feel as if everyone has an opinion.

One and done? You'll be told to give your first a sibling. Have a big brood? Get ready for an endless stream of astonished 'They're all yours?!' reactions.

But one family is calling time on strangers' comments on their big family, taking to Instagram to post a video telling people to miind their business. 

Latovia and Aaron Cheatham are parents to Maliah, eight, Jordyn and AJ (Aaron Jr), both seven, Ariana, six, Olivia, four, Brandon-Michael, two and youngest Josie, who is almost one. And have no more time for people telling them they 'have too many kids'. 

The pair set the clip to Sada Baby's song Whole Lotta Choppas, adding text: 'Them: Y'all have too many kids', as the couple dance into a room filled with bunk beds.

It then jumps to their kids in their beds, with the caption: 'Us: And we love and take care of all of them. So mind yo business', as they continue dancing. 

Many commenters said they could relate to the post, adding they too received unwanted comments.

"As a mum of seven I love and appreciate this," said one.


"Did they say that about 19 and counting? People suck. You guys have a beautiful family. My mum said she always wanted to have 10 children she stopped at six," added another.

Others added that while it wouldn't be for them, kids was a personal choice and they agreed others should stay out of it.

"I know that's right! Folks need to get some business to mind. She looks mighty darn good too! Don't even look like you had half a baby let alone seven! God bless y'all! Couldn't be me, but not mad it's you," said one.

"Daaaawwwwg y'all have been pregnant longer than I've been married! Beautiful, beautiful family," added another.

But as one woman shared on TikTok last week, growing up in a large family isn't always easy.

Claire, who is one of 14, said it could be tough being surrounded by so many people, but said she wouldn't change it.

"I always say that my house was big, obviously ... it had to fit that many people inside. However it was not nice. Many a hole in the wall, many a broken window from children just constantly running around everywhere," she shared.