Maths Rockx: mixing tunes with times tables for kids' learning


Combining music with a topic for greater educational impact is not a new concept. It's also not new when it comes to learning times tables. 

Rather than an unknown tune, however, one ex school teacher came up with the idea to combine times tables learning - an area in which many kids struggle - with some of the biggest hit songs in the world, by artists kids love.

The result is an app called MathsRockx that has been downloaded more than 120,000 times in just three months and claims to accelerate kids to times tables mastery, through sheer enjoyment.

Most of us are familiar with the auto-recall we experience when we hear a song from our past. The words spring to mind instantly, so that we find ourselves singing songs word for word, that we haven't heard for years.

Melody is a powerful memory tool and songs become imprinted on the brain, often in our critical early years of brain development. The nostalgia for songs we all know well, is a neurological reaction to emotions we felt earlier in life.


Working with this knowledge of child development and what we know about social learning, creator Jo Otto paired familiar hit songs with times tables in MathsRockx, allowing for a customised playlist to suit individual users.

Artists include Pink, Pharrell Williams, Usher, Lady Gag and One Direction as well as a few older artists from times past. The app is being used by both teachers in the classroom, and by students and parents at home.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of MathsRockx and download from iTunes or Google Play.

Watch the Maths Rockx video featuring Jo Otto.

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