Woman shares the truth about growing up with 13 siblings: 'Children just constantly running around everywhere'

Picture: TikTok
Picture: TikTok 

If your kids complain about having to share with only one or two siblings, clue them in on these insights from a woman who grew up as one of 14.

TikTok user Claire shared a video detailing just what it was like growing up in a cheaper-by-the-dozen (plus two) kind of family - and it wasn't always pretty.

In the video, Claire - number 12 of 14, answered fan questions about life in a big family, with a candid account of life with her four brothers, eight sisters and one non-binary sibling. 

Not only are there a large number of kids, they're all close in age, too, with just a 20 year gap between the eldest and youngest, which Claire explained by sharing her parents were 'very Irish Catholic'.

"I always say that my house was big, obviously ... it had to fit that many people inside. However it was not nice. Many a hole in the wall, many a broken window from children just constantly running around everywhere," she shared. "I actually grew up on a soybean farm in a farmhouse."

In another video, she said while she 'absolutely loved' her childhood, it could be hard at times for her parents to keep track of everyone, saying 'You should probably not have that many children if you can't equally divvy up the attention between all of them.'

"Because one time I went to school straight up with CAT p*** on my shirt. Nobody noticed," she said.

"Little eight-year-old Claire goes to take off my sweater in the heat of the midday afternoon and there's cat p*** on my shirt. My white polo. And I always tell people: that is what it was like to grow up with 13 siblings."


Other videos see her explain how she shared a room with five of her siblings - the six sleeping across two king size beds, and that lunches were made with '28 pieces of bread on the counter' slapped with peanut butter and jelly. 

As well as shared birthdays as there were some months there would be a sibling birthday 'every week'. 

"This is in no way to make anybody feel bad for me. I promise this is genuinely just how I grew up. I was a very happy kid," Claire assured viewers.


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TikTok users were quick to comment their astonishment at her experience.

"I have only one younger brother and it's still too much for me!," said one, "I would die if I were you to be honest, from having so many people around me," added another.

"I have five siblings and I think that's a lot," shared a third, while another joked "Game nights must have been a nightmare!"