Atomic Kitten star says six-year-old daughter needs a phone and TikTok: 'Just the way it is'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

Former Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona has defended letting her young daughter DJ have a phone and use TikTok.

The singer and TV personality wrote a column for New Magazine saying 'That's just the way it is'. 

The 40-year-old and mum of five also shared that her children don't have their account set to private, arguing this would help them navigate the good and bad of social media themselves.

"My six-year-old DJ uses TikTok. To be fair, it's a whole different generation," Katona wrote.

"The sooner they get used to social media and can control it themselves, the better. That's why my kids' profiles aren't private," she continued.

TikTok guidelines state the app - where users upload short clips of themselves performing dance routines or pranks, should not be used by anyone under the age of 13. 

The app has come into controversy over dangerous viral pranks that teenagers try to emulate

Last year a graphic video which appeared to depict a man's suicide livestreamed to Facebook was also circulated on the app, with many users unwittingly viewing it. 

The app recently announced enhanced privacy and browsing options to allow parents greater control over how their teenagers ue the app, including what content can be searched and who can comment on their posts. 


However Katona said while many may not agree with a child so young having a phone, it was the 'future'.

"I think my generation finds it quite shocking that a six-year-old has a phone, but that's just the way it is."

"Technology is the future."

Katona shared DJ (full name Dylan-Jorge) with her late ex-husband George Kay, and is also mum to Molly, 19 and Lily-Sue, 18 who she shares with Brian McFadden. As well as Heide, 14 and Max, 12 from her marriage to Mark Croft. ​