Brooke Shields talks being a 'dorky' mum to teenage daughters: 'They're ruthless to me'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

Not even being Brooke Shields can make you cool in the eyes of teenagers.

The actress, who herself shot to fame in the controversial film The Blue Lagoon at age 14, was a dominant figure throughout the 1980s.

However despite her fame and effortless cool - including her stint modelling Calvin Klein, her daughter's Rowan, 17 and Grier, 14, just see a daggy mum.

As Shields shared with TODAY Parents, it's her that seeks their approval.

"I don't remember my mum needing my approval as much as I needed my mum's approval — she was just a god to me," Shields told TODAY.

"So I watch my girls, and I have to really be careful that I am not so needy of them, because they're going to say 'I hate you,' and they don't really mean it, but they do at that moment."

Now 55, she's learnt to pull back to avoid being overbearing with the girls, who she shares with husband Chris Henchy.

"I have to remind myself I'm their mother, it's OK, and tell myself 'They love you, don't get needy and clingy, because you're going to push them away'," she continued.

One Gen Z trend they have got her on to is TikTok, which she joined last year, at Rowan's insistence. Even though the teenager quickly abandoned the account. 


"When I joined TikTok, I joined it because my daughter said, 'I will do it for you, I will navigate it for you, let's do this together'," she said. 

Shields isn't afraid to be the butt of the joke, either, so long as it's in good faith. 

"I love humour, and I love getting called out as long as it's not mean-spirited," she said. "I was just so happy she wanted me to do anything with her on TikTok, because I am so not cool."

Shields isn't shy of taking the mickey out of herself on Instagram either, where she regularly posts photos of her beauty routines, looking less than glamorous. 

The actress recently broke her leg falling off a balance board and has made the most of a slower pace over the last year due to that and the pandemic, as she told People.

"It's a little silly, but just being with my children and my husband in such an uninterrupted period of time in this last year," she said. 

"They're ruthless to me. They make fun of me constantly, but it is not done in a mean spirited way, obviously. But I am by nature, more dorky than maybe people might think I would be. And (my family) will all look at me and just make such fun of me."

"And then I'll look at myself, I'll be like, 'Oh my God, I can't believe I just did that. You're right, you're right'."