Busy Phillipps shares seven-year-old daughter's 'first haircut ever': 'It finally happened'

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram 

Busy Philipps' daughter has a new 'do!

Seven-year-old Cricket had her hair cut for the first time ever this week, with her mum taking to Instagram to document the occasion.

"THE FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPEST!" the mum-of-two wrote. "It finally happened!! After seven years and eight months CRICKET WANTED HER HAIR CUT!!!"

Explaining her friend Kristin Heitkotter, had flown in from LA and quarantined, she excitedly told followers it was a "big day."

"Thankfully @kikihaircutter is here in New York to work with me tomorrow and could give Cricket the haircut of her dreams," she wrote, along with some photos and videos of the haircut in progress. 

The 41-year-old actress documented the lopping of the locks on her story as well, showing her friend, Kristin Heitkotter appropriately dressed in a mask to cut Cricket's hair.

Coaching her through the pre-cut nerves, Philipps advised her daughter to go the gradual cut, a tried and tested way to make sure you're not too shocked with the length taken off your hair when you see the end result.

"We can always make your hair shorter," she reminds her daughter. "Listen, Kiki can always cut it shorter, okay? But she can't cut it longer."

She shared her daughter's first haircut to Instagram.

Photo: Instagram

However, the actress was surprised at how short her daughter was willing to go, showing she wanted her hair to end just above the shoulders when her mum asked.

She settled on her hair sitting just below her shoulders, with Philipps beaming with pride.

"HOW CUTE IS SHE?!" the excited mum finished the post.

Haircut in progress.

Photo: Instagram

Friends and fans agreed, comments flooding her Instagram.

"Aaaaahhh! So cute!," fellow actress Angela Kinsely commented. "Love it!"

"And just like that, she's a big kid... I can't even," wrote another.

As fair as first haircuts go, with no tears and a happy kid we count it as a win!