Carrie Bickmore's shares genius toddler present hack - and it could be hiding in your cupboard

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

Carrie Bickmore has revealed the surprise Christmas present her toddler loved - and it could be hiding in your kitchen cupboard.

The TV presenter and radio host told listeners of her Hit Network Carrie and Tommy show yesterday how an unlikely gift was a hit with her youngest child Adelaide, two

Recounting to co-host Tommie Little how she had given her eldest son Ollie a new phone for Christmas, he joked it was unlike her, saying her presents 'were usually of the ilk' of wrapping an existing tennis racket that had been 're-gripped'. 

"Do you want another fun present fact while we're talking about presents," Bickmore joked. 

"Do you know what I got Addie for Christmas? She's only two so it's not like she's going to know, so I wrapped up some Tupperware."

"And because it was little containers in bigger containers she thought they were blocks. And then I put them back in the cupboard!"

The admission drew praise from fans, many calling the idea 'gold' and a 'parenting win'. 

"Laughed so hard I nearly wet myself," said one, "Wish I had of thought of this years ago," another said.


Bickmore is also mum to daughter Evie Walker, five who she shares with partner Chris Walker and son Oliver Lange, 13, who she shares with late husband Greg Lange, who died in 2010 following a long battle with brain cancer. 

The 40-year-old has gained a loyal following for her relatable parenting moments, including her struggles with sleep - thanks to her adorable little sleep thief.

"She wakes for the day at 5am, refuses to sleep in her own bed now and practically sleeps on my face in our bed #soooootired. BUT geez I could squeeze her little legs and kiss her cute little nose," she wrote in a recent post of Addie.

In another recent Instagram post, Bickmore was every mum trying to work out what the mysterious stain on their lounge was.

"If they did one of those bacteria tests on our couch I shudder to think what it would find! I have no idea what she has spilt here. Just add it to the stains," she joked.