Gwyneth Paltrow and Ciara get candid about motherhood: 'All mums are doing their best'

Picture: YouTube
Picture: YouTube 

Gwyneth Paltrow and Ciara have opened up about the joys and challenges of motherhood - and why it's more important than ever not to judge other mums. 

The pair appeared on the Coach Conversations YouTube channel for a Mother's Day special, where they discussed everything from how their own mums influenced their parenting to launching their own businesses and finding balance as working mums. 

They also touched on what they've learnt from their kids: Gwyneth from Apple, 16, Moses, 15 and her two teenage stepkids Isabella and Brody, and Ciara from her three Future, six, Sienna, four and Win, nine months. 

The Goop founder, 48 and Grammy award winning singer, 35, got candid about how they felt women needed to better support each other, which they felt was especially important given the isolation and 'chaos' of the pandemic.

"I think as mothers, we have to really be careful not to judge other mothers in their process and in their decisions, and we have to be supportive of each other," Gwyneth said. 

Adding that judgement can sometimes be masked as advice, but we should keep in mind every mum was walking a different journey.

"I think there's this tendency sometimes, you know, 'Did you breastfeed? Did you not breastfeed?'," she said. "And people get so triggered and so opinionated and I think it's so important to understand that all mums are doing their best."

Ciara agreed, saying that the pandemic had highlighted the importance of mums having their 'village' and had intensified the challenges of parenting, saying it was impossible to keep to normal standards.


"I want every mum out there to know that she's not alone in the midst of the chaos. Even the things that seem abnormal or crazy: this is life, right?," she said.

"...She's not alone in the midst of the storm, not storm but the many storms that will come. They will go, you know, it won't always be crazy."

The pair also shared how they felt indebted to their own mothers, who they credited with influencing both their parenting and careers.

"Something that I've noticed is that you start to really appreciate your mother differently when you become a mother. I'll never forget when I had my daughter Apple, the incredible rush of love that I had for her, and I said to my mother almost in shock: 'Do you love me this much? It just reframed completely how I saw motherhood," she said.

Also adding that she was grateful to her mum for modelling what it was to be a working mum, to not be shy of being ambitious, while still being a 'warm presence' for the family. 


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While Ciara said her mum had taught her life-affirming skills such as standing up for herself and what she believes in, in being 'my own party, my own clique' and independence. ​

Despite the challenges of the pandemic - including Gwyneth contracting the virus herself, she said it had a 'silver lining' in affording her more family time.

"There are some really significant, profound silver Iinings from this crazy 12 months and that time with the kids has been definitely on the top of the list," she told TODAY last month.