'I cried every day, all day long': Drew Barrymore talks pressures of homeschool

Image: DrewBarrymore/Instagram
Image: DrewBarrymore/Instagram 

If you're a stressed parent wondering how on earth you're supposed to juggle your usual responsibilities with homeschooling your kids for the forseeable future, then take heart - you're not the only one.

Mum and actor Drew Barrymore thought she had it all figured out, coming up with "inventive" ideas like drawing hopscotch with chalk and going on bike rides to pass the time in isolation with her daughters Frankie, five and Olive, seven.

"School started and it all went out the window," she told TODAY. "The minute I thought, 'Oh, I'm three weeks in, I've got this,' I cried every day, all day long."

The 45-year-old, who shares her daughters with ex-husband Will Kopelman, described it as the "messiest plate I've ever held in my life.To be the teacher, the parent, the disciplinarian, the caretaker," she said.  "And I thought, 'Oh my God, and teachers have children [of their own]. Do they survive it because they get to go away and work with other kids? Have they had their children in their classroom? How did this all work?'"


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The Santa Clarita Diet star added: "I didn't think I needed to respect and appreciate teachers any more than I did."

And while the mum says she's started getting some systems in place to manage the homeschool juggle she says seeing "people on social media making lists" is incredibly frustrating,

"[But] you find your way. We're resilient."


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In a post to her blog, which she created amid COVID-19, Barrymore shared more about her feelings around schools being closed and how it triggered  memories of her own "unorthodox" education.

"So I got very depressed when the schools closed. I get it. It's the right thing I know it," she writes. "Then they said I would have to run the online schooling?????? whhhhhhaaaaaaaaaat? I'm the one who pays the rent! I'm not a TEACHER!!!!!!! BUT HERE WE ALL ARE! and this is so difficult fro so many families for completely different reasons."

Barrymore continues, "This is all so devastating. And although I want to see change come out of this time, I want school to reopen for so many people for so many reasons." Adding that the situation is hard on so many families, she writes, "I come from such an unorthodox background and childhood and this is a surprise to me that school is as important as it is. I have seen with my own eyes all over the world why school is so important. Education, meals and the structure is invaluable.


Seriously! I’m of age! #1982

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"I know this is not permanent. I know that this is a scary time where we are forced to look at the alternative of everything. but I can only hope that kids are able to go back to schools soon... I got [my education] from a dictionary and every book I could get my hands on ... Books are the thing that gave me my education. I am self taught. But wow did I grow up to love school. I await the day we get to go back. Learn. Rebel. And thrive. 

"Lock me inside! Don't worry, I can take it. Being locked up???? No problem, I got this! But school?! Oh how I miss that community! Can't wait for back to school!"