JLo is every parent who can't understand their kids' maths

Photo: Instagram/Jennifer Lopez
Photo: Instagram/Jennifer Lopez 

If you're currently struggling with your children's maths homework (when did everything change??), then you're not alone. Parents around the globe have taken to social media with their collective confusion during the global pandemic - celebrities included.

In an interview with Ellen, Jennifer Lopez shared that she's homeschooling her 12-year-old twins, Emme and Max, alongside her partner Alex Rodriguez's daughters Ella, 11, and Natasha, 15.

And it's been "an experience".

Image: Ellen Tube
Image: Ellen Tube 

"Honestly I think we're all looking at it like, what is this?'" JLo told Ellen. "Like I'm a teacher?! Have you seen the math that they have the kids do now? It's a new math Ells Bells, it's a new math. It's crazy.'

The process has been quite the education for the 50-year-old.

"You know, half the time I'm like, ok, yeah. Let's look up that word. What does that mean."

Actor and father Adam Sandler is also homeschooling his kids, Sunny, 11, and Sadie, 13. 
Appearing on Jimmy Fallon, to perform "Don't Touch Grandma", Sandler sang, "I'm teaching maths to my kids, and that can't be good for America."

Other parents have also shared their maths struggles online since the pandemic forced school closures around the world.

Meanwhile, some have decided to just relax and enjoy it.
Appearing on The Talk, Jennifer Love Hewitt, mum to Autumn, six, and son Atticus, four, with husband Brian Hallisay said she initially struggled with teaching her kids.

Truth! ❤️

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"I was really frustrated at first, to be honest, just how to do it. I couldn't figure out like, was I supposed to teach them the way their teacher was teaching them, or teach them in a strict way or whatever," she said.
"The point for them is to laugh and to have fun and to learn. And so, we've really made it out own thing ... we've been learning math through dance parties and music, and we've been you know, just doing it our own way.Instead of reading [stories] we've been acting them out and it's just been really fun, and it helped me a lot."