Jimmy Rees' latest venture is proving a hoot among parents: 'Full on, non-stop, 24/7'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

He may have spent a decade delighting our kids as Jimmy Giggle, but Jimmy Rees' latest venture is all for the parents.

The comedian and former pyjama clad host of Giggle and Hoot has turned his sharp wit to the relatable struggles of parenting.

It's something he knows all too well as dad to three boys - Lenny, five and 18-month-old twins Mack and Vinny, who he shares with wife Tori

And, it turns out, we could have the pandemic to thank for the hilarious videos. After filming his last G&H episode in 2019, Jimmy lined up a few live shows and other ventures - only to have the pandemic abruptly change those plans.

What resulted from an actor/comedian with a brain in overdrive, too much time and a house full of kids is comedy gold.

"It's kind of a funny story, at the end of 2019 i'd finished recording G&H and I was moving into the next phase of my career, saying goodbye to that decade of my life and kids TV in general. I had some live events planned but all that dried up in 2020 (when Covid hit)," he told Essential Kids. 

"I had a family of five and I was thinking 'What am I going to do?' I couldn't sit down and do nothing so I just started recording videos about parenting and being in lockdown and experiencing this new world with three kids.

"It was looking at things my five-year-old son does - like he licks the salt shaker every chance he can get, and people really related to it. It was a timing thing too, a lot more people were at home and on social media."

Saying the videos - one of the first of which 'I said yes to my 5-year-old for an entire day', has had more than 13.4 million views - have had more engagement that 'anything i'd done in the past', Jimmy decided to keep the momentum going with regular parodies. 


Among his greatest hits are 'If you were to purchase parenthood' and 'Having kids vs no kids: The interview' and 'The weirdest things kids say', but Jimmy says he's conscious for not all content be about parenting.

Some other recent hits have been his hilarious send up of the different states reacting to border closures, 'Meanwhile in Australia', as well 'The guy who decides packaging'.

"I branched out a bit. I found it funny that the states were closing all their borders and all bickering with each other about opening," he said. "It got to a point where we were really comfortable in the country, but now there's seven different countries within a country and everyone was closing their borders.

"And then I think the packaging one, that went a bit crazy on my account in terms of views, that was just an observation of random packagaing in the supermarket. In one way I think it made people think 'who does design all this crap' but also, 'actually I do use a lot of plastic'."

For Tori, while she's happy to leave most of the content to Jimmy, she helps fine tune what's funny, but not how you'd expect.

"I'd like to take some credit but no, what usually happens lying in bed watching a movie, and as with the packaging one, he's say to me 'Tori, do you think it's weird the way things are packaged?'. Say with salmon, you lie it on a piece of black card and then wrap it in plastic. And I'm like, why are we having this conversation, where are you going with this? I think it's ridiculous you even think that's funny. And the next day everyone thinks it's hilarious."

​"If Tori says it's not funny at all them I'm posting it," Jimmy joked. 

Describing life with three under five as 'a little bit crazy', he joked their house was 'the mad house' and a circus where it's 'full on, non-stop, 24/7."

"I think with our first child, you get through the newborn phase with one kid and then you want to expand your family and we got two. I don't think we realised kind of what two would be like until we had them. No one else understands unless you have them. I can only imagine what it would be like with triplets or above!" 

"To have two kids who are the same age at the same time wanting totally different things ... you can be so attentive to one baby or toddler but when there's two, it's all hands on deck and it gets a bit manic."

Picture: Jimmy Rees with his wife Tori and their sons Lenny, Mack and Vinny

Picture: Jimmy Rees with his wife Tori and their sons Lenny, Mack and Vinny

It's partly why the couple chose to team up as ambassadors of Funch for their line of plant-based baby food and snacks, the convenience of which Jimmy said is well suited to their family. 

"We kind of clicked wth their philosophy, things being fun and healthy and it was just tick, tick, tick for us. They're great people and a great company."

"The products are all Australian made, they use local artists who design their packaging, it really was music in our ears and the convenience of it all to have nice healthy snacks as well."