Katie Price reveals the labour fear holding her back from having more kids

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

Katie Price has revealed she wants more kids - but is scared her past Caesarean sections would make it impossible.

The 42-year-old reality star is already mum to Harvey, 18, Junior 15 and Princess, who she shares with ex-husband Peter Andre. As well as Jett, seven and Bunny, six with her ex Kieran Hayler.

Price had C-sections with all but Harvey, including emergency casareans with her two youngest and as she told the UK's The Sun, feared these would rule out having children with current partner Carl Woods. 

"If I could, I'd definitely like another four kids. I might be able to, but my age isn't helping," she told The Sun. 

"Realistically, I'm hoping to have another two. The next will be very special."

Price denied pregnancy rumours but said she was keen to start trying soon.

"I'm not pregnant yet. I've just put on lockdown weight. But I do want more babies. Mine are getting older so I need to keep replacing them! I love being a mum," she said.


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Price has previously spoken about the difficult birth she experienced with Jett, who was born eight weeks early in a French hospital after she developed an infection that put him at risk. 


Describing it to The Sun as 'pure stress' and 'not the magical time a birth is supposed to be', Price said she felt abandoned and alone while Kieran was forced to wait outside the operating theatre. 

As well as feeling the anaesthetic had not worked. 

"I could feel my fear worsening because normally doctors give two injections — the first one is more like an anaesthetic to numb the area and the second is the epidural itself," she said.

"But this doctor only gave me the epidural. I could tell the doctor was close to making the first incision but I wasn't numb yet."

"But the first incision was made and I could feel the pressure of it. Bringing life into the world is supposed to be magical. But what I went through was a

While there is no limit as such on the number of Caesareans a woman can have, each operation will take longer and puts mums at a higher risk of complications.

These can include problems with the placenta - such as placenta previa where it partially or completely covers the opening of the cervix and can cause premature birth and excessive bleeding.

As well as dense areas of scar-tissue forming that can put women at an increased risk of bladder or bowel injury. As well as a higher risk of developing hernias due to the incision.