Matty J and Laura Byrne's hilarious and relatable parenting moment while shopping with a toddler

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

Ah toddlers, they certainly don't make life easy. What once may have been a simple trip to the shops can end in, well ... calling a shop assistant to free your child from a trap of their own making.

So it was for The Bachelor's Matty J and Laura Byrne, who found themselves grappling with how best to rescue their daughter Marlie Mae from a store fitting room after the 18-month-old managed to lock herself inside - and her parents out. 

"My child has managed to lock herself inside a change room," Byrne captioned a photo on her Instagram stories of Matty J trying to see under the change room door.

"Most children might be distressed by this. MM could not give one single f*** that she was stuck in there by herself." 

Matty also shared an update to his Insta stories, posting a short clip of Marlie filmed from under the door, showing the toddler squealing in delight at her antics - a look of pure joy on her face. 

The couple, who welcomed their second daughter Lola last month, then called over an employee who opened the door with a key.

Filming the moment, little Marlie can be seen looking triumphant and overjoyed as if she's just won the shaming-parents-in-public game all toddlers excel at. 

But it wasn't her only adventure for the trip. 

"That was an eventful outing. Turns out Marlie is now at the age where we definitely cannot take her for a quick trip to the shops, between demanding to 'walk' everywhere and getting trapped in a change room she also climbed into the window display at Nike and started licking the window," Laura shared in an update. 


The pair have won fans for their relatable take on parenting, especially since welcoming Lola. 

Byrne recently shared a snap of a sweet moment that wasn't as Marlie tried to snuggle into her new baby sister. 

In the pic, Lola looks as if she's trying to escape Marlie's grasp, with a mixed look of fear and uncertainty. 

"Everyone has that one friend who doesn't like being hugged," she captioned the pic. "Get used to it kid."