Mum transforms bathroom into beach for kids due to lockdown: 'I wouldn't want to be your hoover'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

A mum has gone to extremes to bring a beach holiday to her bathroom during the UK's COVID-19 lockdowns.

Stacey Solomon, a UK singer/television personality emptied a sandbag into her bathroom, filled her tub with water and got her two eldest sons to dress in board shorts for the staycation.

The mum wasted no effort to recreate a mini-beach experience for her sons Leighton and Zachary Solomon, aged eight and 12 and Rex Swash, one. 

The 31-year-old joked it was her solution to not having 'any essential work in Dubai' and the result of her sandpit order not being what she'd expected. While she'd thought she ordered a bag for her sandpit, she was delivered a bag to 'fill an entire playground'. 

"Tonight I caved," she captioned an Instagram post of the event.

"I feel like this might be the only beach they visit for quite a while so I thought why not ey... I'll also be using this as bribery until the end of time..."

"The next time they say they don't want to get out of bed, brush their teeth, eat their dinner, log on to teams I'm going to remind them of the time I said 'Ok then fine, let's build a beach in the bathroom'."

Adding that she still had sand leftover, she joked 'I'm your girl' for anyone in need of any.


Many of the star's followers congratulated her efforts, saying 'mum goals'. However others said the mess left them feeling stressed. 

Cleaning/domestic influencer 'Mrs Hinch' (Sophie Hinchliffe) - known for her rigorous cleaning regimes even chimed in with her approval. 

"Stace I LOVE this. Seems neither of our baths have gone to plan tonight. Lots of love to you all! Beautiful pickles," she wrote. 

"Laughing so so much! I will not be letting my children see this photo ... or maybe I will and i'll tell them look what Aunty Stacey will do with you after lockdown," joked another mum.

"OMGOSH Stace it's official you are mad. Please do a montage of you cleaning this up," added another.

"Oh my god... you're bonkers. This is giving me anxiety. There'll be sand everywhere," one said.