Pink shares sweet 'wish' for her daughter Willow: 'Love of my life'

P!!NK with her daughter Willow Sage Hart.
P!!NK with her daughter Willow Sage Hart. Photo: Instagram | @pink

Singer P!NK has marked US National Daughters' day with a beautiful Instagram tribute to her ten-year-old Willow.

"My wish for you is to be filled with passion and purpose, humour and curiosity. And one day, far from now, when I've moved on, I wish for you to know in your centre that you were the love of my life," wrote the mum-of-two in her caption.

The carousel of pictures contains photos of daughter Willow throughout stages of her life. The first picture is of her fairly recently sitting in front of a drum set from her mum's show, the next is of her hugging her mum while wearing matching pants, her as a baby at the beach wearing sunglasses, and more.

Fans commented their wishes for Willow and her mum.


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"I hope your daughter grows into everything she wants to be plus more! I wish this for my daughters also!" commented one fan.

"Willow is truly blessed to have you as her mum to look up to, through a mother-daughter relationship. Hardworking, dedicated, kind-hearted and most certainly a badass," said another.

"The way you talk about Willow on your What I Know So Far documentary is so powerful! I love when you sign, 'I will be with you til the world blows up' to her before getting on stage," relayed another fan to the superstar.

In her free time, Willow enjoys spending time with her family doing outdoor activities. In a recent snap from her dad, professional motocross competitor Carey Hart, Willow is seen racing up the side of the rock, barely letting her dad take a picture of her.


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"Willz was making quick work of this 100ft face, and it was hard to get pics of her since she was charging the top. Check out her stance in these photos," her dad wrote in the caption.

Willow's little brother Jameson, aged four, also did a fantastic job, "(blowing his dad) away at how he charged this rock. Under grabs and really thinking his way up the face."

"Our kids are gnarly," said the proud father, "The stoke is real."