The adorable baby name trend Zooey Deschanel used for her kids - opted for a wild theme

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

Middle names are always tricky. 

Do you pick a name you like, or go with tradition and use one that has some family significance? 

For Zooey Deschanel, the choice was both - in a way. 

The quirky actress, 41, chose an adorable theme for her two kids with ex-husband Jacob Pechenik, linking the siblings by naming both after animals

For their eldest, Elsie, five, they opted for the middle name Otter, while for son Charlie, three, they went with Wolf.

The former couple, who divorced last year and are notoriously private about their kids, revealed the unique name to People at the Rock the Kasbah opening soon after Elsie's birth. 

"It's Elsie…" Deschanel told People, while Pechenik added "Otter." 

"Like the animal," the actress explained, with her husband adding, "Sea otter!"

The pair have also previously described how they were moved to use the name by the animal's intelligence and their sweet nature among their own.


However, little has been said about her little brother's name. 

Unlike many celebrity name trends, this one appears not to have caught on, with Wolf sitting at number 2,029 on the list of most popular boy names in Australia. 

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Australians are opting for fairly safe middle names. Data from 2019 shows the top pick for girls was Rose and James for boys.

Other top ten names were:


  • Grace
  • May
  • Elizabeth
  • Louise
  • Mae
  • Jane
  • Anne
  • Maree
  • Marie


  • John
  • William
  • Thomas
  • Michael
  • Alexander
  • David
  • George
  • Robert
  • Joseph