Brace yourselves, a Baby Shark movie has just been announced

Picture: Instagram/Nick Jr
Picture: Instagram/Nick Jr 

Bad news, parents. If between home schooling and lockdown restrictions you're wondering how bad it can get - there's a Baby Shark movie coming. 

Nickelodeon has announced they've already started working on the new flick, which will no doubt feature its namesake's earworm.

The news comes six years after the song was initially released on YouTube by South Korean entertainment group Pinkfong, which has so far had more than 9 billion views. 

It's huge success saw Nickelodeon create an animated series based on the song's characters - Baby Shark, William the Fish, and their friends, Baby Shark's Big Show! Now, they're taking it up a level in producing a movie feature. 

The network also recently renewed the series - which has been the second most viewed by kids in the US this year, behind Paw Patrol, for a second season.

While little is known about the movie - including the title or release date, Nickelodeon Animation Studio president Ramsey Naito told The Hollywood Reporter it would be a big event. 

"It all started with a great song and grew from there," he told the publication. "It's so exciting that we get to build on that success with a huge event (the film), which we're just starting to talk about."

Pinkfong's parent company SmartStudy will also be involved in the project as co-producers. 

But while it may be welcomed news to kids, parents are likely to be less enthused. The song's repetitive 'do do do' chorus has even be deemed a form of torture when played on repeat. 

Last year prison officers in Oklahoma were deemed 'inhumane' after forcing four prisoners at the Oklahoma County Jail to listed to the song on repeat at a loud volume as punishment for violations. 

The act saw them charged with misdemeanour counts of cruelty. An investigator on the case wrote that: "The repetitive tune put undue emotional stress on the inmates who were most likely already suffering from physical stressors."