'I've seen you on the news a lot lately': seven-year-old quizzes NSW Premier about Easter Bunny visit

The Premier put little Ollie's concerns to rest.
The Premier put little Ollie's concerns to rest.  

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has shared a sweet letter written to her by a seven-year-old boy who wanted to know if the Easter Bunny was still allowed to visit this weekend under strict new coronavirus laws.

"Good afternoon, Gladys," the letter begins. "My name is Ollie."  Ollie, who lives in Richmond Valley, NSW, goes onto explain that it is his eighth birthday on Sunday, too. 

"I have seen you on the news a lot lately," he writes, " making rules to keep us safe from coronavirus, which is really nice of you."

But a particular rule has been worrying Ollie - the one preventing any visitors.

"That's OK," Ollie continues, noting that he is at home with his mum and sister. "But I was wondering if this means that the Easter Bunny is allowed to come now?"

The soon-to-be eight year old adds: "I can leave hand wash out for him if you say he is allowed to still come?

"Thank you and Happy Easter."

In a tweet, Premier Berejiklian confirmed that the Easter Bunny "will definitely be visiting this weekend!"


"Happy birthday for Sunday," she wrote. 

It comes as over the weekend, Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein classified the Easter Bunny as an essential worker, allowing him entry to the state and exempt from mandatory quarantine.

"I've actually had a number of emails ... one from a delightful young fellow whose brother was taken out of school [and had to] self-isolate because he had an underlying health condition," Mr Gutwein said. "He wrote to me, an eight-year-old ... wanting to know whether or not the Easter Bunny would come."

He continued: "It's my personal view, based on a discussion with Public Health [Services] this morning, that the Easter Bunny can be classed as an essential traveller and therefore will be in the state over Easter and able to deliver Easter eggs."

Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan, also reassured kids and chocolate lovers that the Easter Bunny would be given a special eggs-emption to travel freely around WA.