Mum's 'disturbing' reaction to tween sons spying on sunbathing woman: 'They're going through puberty'

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Picture: Getty Images 

Kids - and teenagers - can adopt some strange behaviours and aren't known for respecting personal boundaries. 

Which is why it's hoped an adult can step in to offer guidance or discipline.

But for one woman on Reddit's AITA, the reaction of one mum to her three tween aged sons' 'creepy' behaviour has left her as uncomfortable as their actions. 

Explaining that she lived near a beach where she took a regular morning swim, the 21-year-old said it was mostly only her on the beach. The only things nearby were a condo overlooking the beach and a small shop she usually visited after her swim.

Lately, however, she had been joined by a drone flying overhead during her morning dip. 

"On some occasions I would notice a drone hovering in the vicinity while I was swimming or relaxing in the sun," she wrote. "I didn't think much of it because it was never really close."

However a recent trip to the shop left her feeling violated and frustrated.

"A few days ago I went into the shop and a woman approached me," she said. "We made small talk and she told me she lives in the condo with her family."

"Then she told me that she has three sons (aged 11, 12, 13) who often wake up early to watch me swim."


However rather than say she had reprimanded their behaviour, the mum instead blamed her for their actions.

"She went on to say that I've been 'distracting' her kids and warned me that they were watching me with the drone," she said.

"I was even more weirded out and told the woman that she should teach her sons that their actions are not acceptable."

"She just kept saying that they're going through puberty and that I shouldn't be surprised." Adding she should stop visiting that beach if they made her uncomfortable.

The younger woman told the mum her attitude was 'disturbing' and that he kids needed to be disciplined. However she doubled down, saying they were good kids and it was her fault. 

"She got angry that I criticised their parenting (or lack thereof), told me to show 'respect' and said that I don't know what I'm talking about since I'm not a mother raising three boys."

Of the more than 1,400 comments from Reddit users, the majority agreed with the woman their behaviour was 'creepy' and she'd been right to take issue with their mum's attitude. 

"So instead of having a very necessary conversation with their sons about boundaries and respecting women, this woman decided to try and police your body on a public beach?," asked one.

"As the mom of three boys (15, 13, 11), that mother is in the wrong. She should be teaching her sons that spying on a young woman at the beach with their drone is creepy, at a minimum. You are right that the parents should be teaching their sons to respect the privacy and boundaries of others," argued a second.

"That is scary that the mother doesn't want to teach her boys respect," added a third.

However a few commenters said it was never ok to criticise a person's parenting.

"You are the AH (a**hole): To tell someone how to raise their children. THAT AND THAT ALONE. The rest I think is right on," said one.

 "Boys will be boys. They aren't harming anyone," added another - who was quickly taken to task by fellow users.