Note praising mums for doing their best while holidaying with kids goes viral: 'I admire you'

Picture: Getty Images/Facebook
Picture: Getty Images/Facebook 

Holidays with kids are great in theory. It's a chance to all take a break, relax and create memories they'll look back on fondly for years.

In reality, it can lead to cranky, overtired kids unsettled by a change in routine and a car so full of bags you can barely see out the back windscreen.

Which is why it's nice to have a reminder that you set out with the best of intentions and even though you may feel it's all falling apart, that your kids will remember these as happy adventures.

That's exactly what one thoughtful camper set out to remind mums on a recent camping trip, penning an anonymous note telling them they were each doing a great job.

Posted to the wall of the womens' bathroom with two neon pink BandAids, the note reads:

"To all of the mums, When I look at you or are in ears' reach of you, trying to disapline (sic) or comfort your child, I want you to know I'm not judging you!."

"I admire you, your strength, patience and pure determination you have to try and give your family beautiful memories is priceless. Love and respect to you all! Happy Easter."

The note, which was shared to Facebook, has received thousands of likes, with many mums sharing their appreciation for the kind gesture.

"I wish all campers thought like this. Taking children camping is sometimes difficult," said one.


"I've had a retired couple say that to us in Mildura, it was so lovely to hear and talk about when they'd travelled with their three kids. Kids and camping can be mayhem, but worth it," added another.

"Another queen lifting other queens up," another quipped.

"I love this, so many times I have wanted to tell mothers I see when I'm out shopping, that they are doing a great job," one shared. 

Among the hundreds of shares for the note, one mum said she wished all campers were this thoughtful, recounting her own negative experience of camping with a friend and their five kids.

"This older lady who camped behind us told us we were appalling. We were speechless and didn't really understand," the mum shared.

"She went on to say she had come here for a quiet weekend away and all she could hear was our noisy kids and us yelling at the top of our lungs and we have no control over our kids at all. Then she just walked off."

"It was like a punch in the face. I was so hurt. How could this woman say something so horrible to other mothers? Doesn't she remember how hard it can be to be at mum at times?"