Preschoolers steal and crash parents' car in an attempt to visit grandma

Two preschoolers had a narrow escape when they decided to sneak off with parents' car to visit their grandma.
Two preschoolers had a narrow escape when they decided to sneak off with parents' car to visit their grandma. Photo: Facebook/@Federal Way Police Department

Two preschoolers had a lucky escape after they crashed their parents' car while attempting to drive to their grandma's house.

Federal Way Police Department posted a photo of the SUV to their Facebook page, along with the caption: "What happens, when a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old want to go and visit grandma without telling anyone."

"Thank goodness no one was seriously injured."

After taking their parents' keys, the preschoolers managed to start the car, and get out of the driveway. The children then drove into an intersection where they t-boned another vehicle. 

When she heard the "explosion", from the crash, a neighbour who came out to assist, asked the children, "Where's your mum?"

"Sleeping," one of the kids responded. "I want to go to my grandma's house."

The driver of the other vehicle escaped with minor cuts and bruises, reports Fox 12 News.

The police department's Facebook post proved polarising. Many commenters were quick to blame the children's parents for not providing adequate supervision, while others shared stories of similar incidents.


"I did that as a kid," wrote one commenter. "Somehow got my mom's car to back up into a fence. My brother jumped out the window and left me…"

"Kids have been escaping when their parents were asleep (or thought the kids were asleep) since forever," reads another comment. "Thank goodness they were not hurt."

When I asked other mums and dads to tell me the most dangerous things their children have done, one mum shared that her kids aged 7,5 and 2 locked themselves in a car and rolled it down the embankment. Thankfully, her quick-thinking five-year-old pulled the handbrake and "saved the day."

Another mum received a shock when she walked into the Airbnb they were staying in to find her toddler holding two knives, one in each hand "as long as his arms." 

One mum had a terrifying experience when she heard a noise and thought her four-year-old had turned on the vacuum. Her son had been refusing to get ready to go to the shops so she'd gone upstairs with her toddler to get ready herself. When she came downstairs to have a look however, she discovered her son had pushed his chair over to the fridge, reached her car keys, taken to them to the car, opened the garage door, put on his seatbelt and started the car.

 "I didn't know the way to the shops to find you," her little one said, bursting into tears. Poor mum, as you can imagine, was incredibly shaken!

One mother recalls taking to her younger brother's head with a pair of scissors when she was 5 years old. "Gave him a couple of bald patches," she said, "but no blood shed."

And a father told me his child climbed on the sideboard to get matches off the top of the fridge and then lit some of the messages on the fridge alight.

As it happens, one of my younger siblings did exactly the same thing when we were kids. While the babysitter was in the bathroom, somehow – and I'll admit the details are sketchy – the bright yellow Safety House paperwork on the fridge was set aflame. Oh the irony…


What's the most dangerous thing your children have done? Do you recall doing anything dangerous when you were a kid?