Tired dad's brilliant nap hack goes viral

Photo: Facebook/Monica Weber
Photo: Facebook/Monica Weber 

After arriving home from a 12-hour shift at the hospital, nurse Michael Weber was exhausted. But when his wife Monica said she would take their brood of four to the shops in the snow he insisted she go alone to make it easier.

And what she found on her return will make you grin.

In an oh-so brilliant stroke of genius, Mr Weber asked his children, who are aged five to 12, to draw him while he "posed".

"I'm pretty sure he's the most brilliant man I've ever known," Ms Weber wrote in a post to Facebook. "He has them doing 'realism art' while he 'poses' AKA naps. The winner gets a chocolate, but let's be honest, Michael is the one winning."

The post quickly went viral, shared over 37,000 times - and counting.
"As an L&D nurse who worked night shift (every Fri, Sat, Sun) so I could be at home with the kids - my husband and I have nine (9), I totally get this!" one woman wrote. "I had to think of creative ways to get naps in while my husband worked a Mon-Fri "regular" job. Kudos, mad kudos."
"You and your husband made my day with this," said another. "My partner works away all week as a truck driver and his first question is always, do I need 5 minutes on my own. Gotta love men whose first thought is their partner."
"You've opened my eyes to new babysitting methods," wrote one commenter.

Because we can't just have nice things, Ms Weber later added an updated to comment to reassure "concerned" strangers of the internet that her kids weren't in any danger while her husband rested his eyes.

"Between his time in the military and job as an OR nurse he is the lightest sleeper ever," she wrote, adding that her eldest two kids are also capable of getting his attention if it was needed. 
"I was gone maybe 20 minutes, no one was hurt, no houses burned down, no eyes poked out with pencils," she wrote."I took the picture upon my return when all the kids Sshhed me because they wanted to finish their drawing. I didn't pose the kids (if you know my kids they would do about anything for chocolate lol), everyone enjoyed their "art break" and Mike took some stress off my plate while resting his eyes."
Adding that the pair never expected to go viral and that she was simply sharing the photo with friends, Ms Weber noted that she would never get away with a napping art lesson herself so was giving her husband "credit where credit was due."
"Our kiddos are not perfect," she continued. "There are plenty of days we face all the same challenges every other "big" family faces who try to find balance between work, family, and life.
"That's why these little moments are worth celebrating."