Mum arrested for pretending to be 13-year-old daughter at school: 'I'm proving a point'

Photo: Casey Garcia/YouTube
Photo: Casey Garcia/YouTube 

It sounds like the plot of a movie. A mother of a 13-year-old girl managed to dress up and attend almost a full day of school by pretending to be her daughter. 

Unfortunately, this social experiment didn't have a Disney ending, for the woman who was arrested for criminal trespassing and tampering with government records. 

Casey Garcia, from Texas, felt her daughter's school didn't have adequate security, so she decided to dye her hair and dress up as a teenager to prove her point.

The 30-year-old filmed her day at Garcia-Enriquez Middle School, as she walked around in a yellow hoodie pretending to be daughter Julie. She later uploaded three videos to YouTube later documenting her experience.

"Do I look like a seventh grader?" she asked at the start of the video, after showing herself making the transition from 30-year-old to teen. "No? Cool, awesome."

The mum passed several teachers throughout her day, including the principal, politely interacting with them. Speaking to the camera, she said she was "scared" of being caught.

"I was nervous the entire time," she admitted 

Gracia wasn't caught out until the final period of the day, when a teacher cottoned on and asked her to stay after class. The trickster mum was sent to the principal's office where she explained she was performing a "social experiment."


"I think the deal breaker for me was actually walking in and posing as a seventh-grader. I mean, I'm no spring chicken, but it wasn't hard," she explained in one of her videos. "And I made it to all seven periods, until the last teacher, she was female, and she said, 'Julie, can you stay after class?' And I said absolutely. She looked at me and she (said), 'You're not Julie',"

Following the 'social experiment',  the mum was arrested for criminal trespassing, tampering with government records and an unrelated traffic violation. She was later released on a $7,808 bond (approx. $10, 080).

Although some people slammed the woman for her 'attention seeking stunt' she insists she was not seeking social media stardom.

"I'm proving a point that this is with all school systems, private school, public school, it doesn't matter. We have a problem," she insisted. "There have been one too many mass shootings in schools.

"I didn't do this to get views, I didn't do this to get likes. I didn't do this for any other reason but to prove a point.

"I am trying to protect my children and yours. If you want to come after me for that, there's really nothing else I can say."