Mum’s warning after daughter overdoses on marijuana edible: 'Scariest moment of my life'

Megan McCoy issued the warning on Facebook.
Megan McCoy issued the warning on Facebook. Photo: Facebook

A mum has warned of the dangers of marijuana gummies, after her six-year-old daughter accidentally ate one resulting in her seizing before falling unconscious.

Megan McCoy, from the US, shared her story in a Facebook post, explaining they had been visiting family and friends in Florida over the weekend when the incident occurred. In the post she said the gummies in question had been bought legally by a 'medical marijuana patient'.

The mum said all the kids are exhausted after a day out in the sun swimming all day, but her daughter seemed particularly lethargic.

"All of a sudden the parent came outside and told me that my daughter may have taken a THC gummy," McCoy recalled.

"I ran inside and calmly picked her up and moved her from the ground to the couch. She couldn't open her eyes, she was completely non-responsive and when I laid her down she kind of braced herself like she felt like she was falling.

"I turned back around she was on her knees seizing," the scared mum said. "I grabbed her and ran outside and just paced back and forth waiting for the ambulance to arrive."

The little girl spent the night in hospital, but according to McCoy, all they could do is "monitor her and give her fluids".

"I was up all night with my husband watching those machines," she recounted. "Her breaths per minute would drop to single digits at times, her heart rate would shoot up to alarming levels at others.


"It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I never want another parent to go through that. the next one may not be so lucky."

An example of a packet of marijauna edibles.

An example of a packet of marijuana edibles. Photo: Facebook

The mum explained the packet of marijuana gummies was accidentally left in the room, which her daughter normally sleeps in. When the six-year-old came across the bag, she ingested one thinking it was a normal lolly.

The mum is calling for there to be rules surrounding the packing on such gummies to make it look less appealing to children.

"No one was arrested, DCF cleared the case in three minutes and was shocked at the picture of the candy," she wrote. "THC is a MEDICATION and needs to be packaged as such. Period.

"There needs to be regulation in place to keep companies from putting stuff like this on the market. We don't have federal regulation over Marijuana because our government won't legalise it."

Megan McCoy with her family.

Megan McCoy with her family. Photo: Facebook

Morgan Fox, media relations director at the National Cannabis Industry Association, told NBC that 10 mg of THC is the industry norm, with McCoy's daughter estimated to have ingested 50mg.

McCoy says her daughter has recovered well and is now "back to herself" and the family is hoping for no future compilations.

In Australia, the Therapeutic Goods Administration says medicinal cannabis is allowed for prescribed patients if imported and supplied through the schemes available.